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Efficient, to save you time and money

As a landlord, incentivizing the tenant to submit maintenance requests sooner than later can save you money by allowing you to act before the problem grows. Rafi not only makes it easier for tenants to report issues, but then streamlines the entire workflow of project management.

How Rafi streamlines maintenance

Sarah, a prize tenant, notices a water stain on her ceiling late on a weeknight. The next morning, it's noticeably larger. Fortunately, Sarah and her landlord have an efficient system in place for responding to maintenance issues. She takes a photo of the damage.

Tenant reporting made easier

Next, on her smartphone, Sarah opens Rafi, which she uses to pay rent every month. She navigates to the Report Maintenance Issue menu, uploads her photo of the water damage, describes the issue, and sets available times for repairs to be made. She declines the option to be present. Better just get it done while I'm at work, she thinks.

Confirming the issue and initiating repairs

Instantly, Rafi pings Sarah's property manager's smartphone. Using either a phone call or Rafi's messaging system, the PM fleshes out the details of the issue and repair timing with Sarah.

Engaging a contractor

Next, the PM opens the Engage a Contractor menu on his phone. He selects a highly rated name from a list of trusted, skilled contractors. Through the app, the PM and contractor can:

  • Confirm the timing of any estimates and/or repairs
  • Agree on a rate
  • Make and accept payments
  • Resolve the maintenance issue

Rankings improve future performance

Sarah gets the final say on the contractor’s performance. Because the contractor finished repairs quickly and professionally, Sarah gives the highest possible rating. Through the Rafi app, contractors are constantly rated to help landowners and property managers engage the best possible partners.

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